I Want Her Hair!

April 6, 2009

Hi Everyone, 

Here are 2 looks from our Autumn/Winter 2009-10 collection. They are really easy to achieve and wanted to give you some quick tips on how to recreate these looks that were so popular on the runways at London Fashion Week.
Glamour Waves
1. Firstly wash your hair with Schwarzkopf Essensity Light Cleansing Shampoo (R.R.P £9.45). This will get rid of any product build-up that will make the hair look greasy.
2. Apply Schwarzkopf Essensity Styling Juice (R.R.P £9.45) to the roots, mid-lengths and ends. 
3. Dry your hair in sections with a medium-large ceramic round brush. Continue to do this till your hair is completely dry, making sure you lift your roots away from the scalp. This will give your hair loads of bounce and lift.
4. When hair is dry, in random sections and your hair in a centre parting, use some large ceramic heated tongs and start creating your curls.
5. When you have completed tonging your hair, tip your head upside down and spritz your hair with Schwarzkopf Osis Sparkler Gloss (R.R.P £9.45). Give your hair a good shake with your fingers to separate the curls. 
6. Tip your head back up and loosely shake your hair. And hey-presto, beautiful, shiny, glamorous waves fit for a Super-Model. Have Fun. 
Braided Bun
1. Firstly, brush all your hair into a ponytail to where you want your bun to sit.
2. When secured in place with elastic, divide into 2-3 sections. These sections are then braided loosely and secured. 
3. When your braids are ready, with your fingers, gently tug at the braids to free-up a few pieces of hair to come away from the braid. 
4. Then, with Kirby grips, pin your braids in at the base of the ponytail to start creating your bun shape. 
5. When you are happy with how your bun is looking, with your palms flat to your head rub from the bun outwards, so that hairs fall around your hair line for a loose, worn look. 
6. Spritz with Schwarzkopf Osis Session Fix (R.R.P £9.20) to make sure it doesn’t fall out. 
This can be a daring look, especially if you make your bun as big as the one in our picture. If you do opt for the dramatic look, make sure you pair it with some high heels and simple styling. 
Have fun experimenting. 

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