Summertime in Dublin

September 2, 2009

Here is some images of our show in Dublin, Ireland. The team, which consisted of John Carne, Aaron Blondell, Andy Smith and Nikki Sherman were asked back to produce a show for Schwarzkopf, Ireland. The show consisted of two themes. The first was all things Summertime. There were Reggae girls, Ballerinas and Electro Body Popping all in bright, bold colours. The hair was fun and free, with loads of movement and texture. 

The second part was Biosphere. A collection looking at the way light shines on and around rounded, metallic shapes. The clothes were sharp and structured in pewter, silvers and golds. The hair was an eclectic mix of smooth, textured and some avant garde styles which defied gravity with some interesting, exaggerated shapes. 
Fun was had by all, both the team and audience. Charlotte at Rudeye choreographed the whole routine and produced a flawless show. 
Well done guys.