Surbiton High School

December 16, 2009

Dear all,

Stephanie here from the Wimbledon branch. We’ve been flat out in the run up to Christmas and it feels like it couldn’t come at a better time!

Last week we were with Surbiton High School helping out at their Fashion Show which was really good. As hairdressers we always love it when we get a chance to use our creativity and so this was the perfect platform to showcase our work. We styled ten heads of hair and had a good natter back stage where we had a consultation with the girls beforehand to check that they were happy with our ideas. The girls were all very relaxed and happy to go with the flow which in turn but our jobs easier.

We got creative with crimping, created some sky high ponytails, slicked back hair and a dab of back combing combined with beehives and glossy flowing locks meant we had our work cut out.

Feel as though I need a rest now – thank goodness Christmas is just round the corner!

Stephanie, x


Nikki Sherman, Rochelle Knight, Billie Davies and Aaron Blondell dragged their session bags to The Mint Leaf in Bank, London to style the hair for the Lingerie Collective Fashion Show. 
The clothing was seductive and sexy, chic. So after discussing the looks with the designer, the team decided to produce big, worn waves with a playful destressed texture to compliment the total look. It was fasted paced and tense once the girls took to the runway, with items of clothing and brushes being flung everywhere, but the night was a huge success. Billie Davies said of the show ”This is the first time I’ve worked on a Fashion show, so it was a real learning experience. I had a great time and I think the girls all looked amazing once they were dressed and had their hair finished. I feel tempted to buy some of the items myself.”