January 21, 2010

Happy New Year to you! Hope you had a fantastic break. It’s certainly been busy here in the salon since the holiday. The snow has become a hazard though with trying to get in… Hope it clears up soon!

So 2010 is set to be an eventual year for us as it’s our 30 year anniversary this year so we’re going to have lots of treats in store for you to help celebrate! It’s an incredibly exciting year for us and I can’t wait to share it with you all…

John Carne


Hi Guys n’ Girls,

It’s Alex here from the Wimbledon salon. I wanted to tell you all about my exciting plans to go travelling round Nepal. It’s for a month and I’m volunteering to work in a children’s home. I’ll also be trekking and venturing to Everest Base Camp which will be amazing. I’m so excited already! I’m obviously bringing along my Kit as I’m hoping to pass on my knowledge to the locals and help benefit them. During my journey I’ll be travelling round and staying with various families and other volunteers so figured that I could put my scissors to good use so they don’t rust whilst I’m away, and cut  hair to show my gratitude for their hospitality during my trip.

Anyway, once I’m back I’ll fill you all in….


Surbiton High School

December 16, 2009

Dear all,

Stephanie here from the Wimbledon branch. We’ve been flat out in the run up to Christmas and it feels like it couldn’t come at a better time!

Last week we were with Surbiton High School helping out at their Fashion Show which was really good. As hairdressers we always love it when we get a chance to use our creativity and so this was the perfect platform to showcase our work. We styled ten heads of hair and had a good natter back stage where we had a consultation with the girls beforehand to check that they were happy with our ideas. The girls were all very relaxed and happy to go with the flow which in turn but our jobs easier.

We got creative with crimping, created some sky high ponytails, slicked back hair and a dab of back combing combined with beehives and glossy flowing locks meant we had our work cut out.

Feel as though I need a rest now – thank goodness Christmas is just round the corner!

Stephanie, x

Supporting Talent

December 9, 2009

Hi John here again, just wanted to fill you in on what we’ve been up to. I’m not sure if you’re aware but John Carne Hairdressing helps support Inter Training Services Limited (ITS Ltd) which is a hairdressing training provider which offers apprenticeship schemes to learners between the ages of 16-18years old. They offer various other support too for up and coming hairdressers trying to find their place in the world, and we’re really proud to support them.

This year we sent Chantelle Abbott from the salon to judge 20+ learners who submitted entries for the ITS Ltd Photographic competition 2009 titled ‘Look Back for the Future’. The competitors all produced an image to encapsulate the theme which was supported by a mood board to demonstrate their creative thought and talent.

You can see Chantelle in the picture judging all of the contestants… I believe the standard this year was particularly high which is fantastic to hear!

Hi there,

It’s John here from John Carne Hairdressing, hopefully by now you’ve all heard that the salon is open on Sundays! No one really wants to work on a Sunday so we’re kept the theme in the salon really relaxed so customers can read the Sunday papers at their leisure whilst enjoying a croissant in the morning, or a bite of pizza at lunch. This weekend was our first one, and by all means there was a great atmosphere in the salon – infact so much so that I’m thinking of putting myself forward for more Sundays! There’s a relaxed and informal vibe whilst ensuring our customers get the very best care and service.

Anyway, hopefully see you all next weekend!


Kevin Thomas, the Salon Manager of John Carne Hairdressing in Wimbledon here. We as a salon pride ourselves in encouraging growth and talent within the industry. Therefore we set a Junior John Carne Competition to give up & coming young stylists a chance to highlight their skills. The junior stylists were challenged to create a mood board stating the hairstyle whilst touching on the inspiration of the look.

The entrants all set themselves very high standards as they did an amazing job and I was thoroughly impressed with the talent within the salon.

The evening kicked off after hours and was full of fun whilst everyone was excited to see what our juniors had to offer! The juniors had a lot of pressure on their shoulders but rose to the challenge. The junior stylists worked their magic on the models whilst presenting their mood board to me, whilst the models paraded around the salon in a runway style to music chosen by the stylists to incorporate the theme and vibe of their chosen style. The stylists then discussed the look they had achieved alongside where they’d taken inspiration from for the look.

I’m thrilled to announce the results:

1st Place: Jade Roberts (pictured left) who won a Schwarzkopf Professional Hairdressing Kit and Bag

2nd Place: Victoria Evangelista won a bottle of perfume

3rd Place: Sarah Hilsum-White received a bottle of champagne

4th Place – Bethany Figgins was given a bottle of vodka

The team all did a fantastic job – I think the pictures speak for themselves!

Alexandra here from Wimbledon, just thought I’d let you all know about my manic day at a wedding shoot for designer Shana Melville. We had a great time on location and the models were a real hoot to work with, plus can you imagine spending all day wearing fabulous frocks – it’s a hard life being a model sometimes?! It was fun styling the models hair and adding various finishing touches such as beautiful vintage rose hair pieces to give the look a slight twist. We spent hours on the shoot trying to get the shots right whilst ensuring the hair worked with the dress as it had to be absolutely perfect to compliment Shana Melville’s wedding dresses.

Every once in a while we get a bride in the salon and we always love the opportunity to style their hair to give a gorgeous glamorous look so the shoot was really nice as it enabled us to be creative and create sensational styles.

Check out the pictures as you’re getting a sneak preview to Shana Melville’s new seasonal wedding dresses, so if you want any more information or to contact her then please visit: http://www.shannamelville.com/

Again, if any of you have any wedding hair queries then do let me know as we’re full of ideas! xxx

Nikki Sherman here!

I had such a great weekend! I was over in Letterkenny in Ireland with the Artistic Team doing a show for Schwarzkopf Professional. I was responsible for the colouring side of things and making sure that the models colours looked amazing! The theme was ‘Twisted’ so I had to come up with some new and inspiring colour techniques. There was alot of preparation involved but it was great to present my work on stage. It was my first big show and it was challenging, but really enjoyed the experience and had lots of fun !

Nikki x

Flying Visit…

November 13, 2009

Andy here, Artistic Director, wow what a manic week I have had! Flew to Ireland on Monday morning at 10am, then arrived in Dublin at 11.30am, then had a 1 1/2 hour journey to a salon in Longford called Grafters – they have 3 salons in the area. I had a class of 18 stylist and had to do a Creative Cutting Seminar on local clients provided by Grafters so I really had to think on the spot to come up with strong yet wearable techniques and hairstyles that would suit each client. The looks were fab and they were a great team to teach. Finished at 6pm then drove back to the airport and flew home. Got through the house door about 10.45pm….Soo tired!! Rest of week been busy with clients and preparing the huge exhibition we have this weekend in Letterkenny, show blocks, cutting and colouring techniques, clothes stylists it goes on… !! All in all it’s been a good weeks work though ha ha.

Will keep ya all posted about the weekend when I return, Wish us luck….

Andy x

Aaron running through ideas with Meg and DelIt’s Aaron here (pictured with Del from Hair and a reader from Hair magazine), I’m the Assistant Art Director at John Carne Hairdressing. Just wanted to keep you in the loop with a sneak preview of some shots from our Hair Magazine shoot! We had a fun filled day on shoot in Old Street where we gave three readers a fabulous makeover. Stewart, Jodie & Billie helped me on hair whilst I also directed. It was nice touching base with Del and Charley from Hair magazine, and working together as a team to discuss hairstyles and being creative which is what we love doing most as hairstylists! The lovely Lindsay Poole did the girls makeup whilst we set to work to transform the readers luscious locks from drab to fab!

  • Lizzie was going travelling so wanted something simple yet stunning to leave her looking refreshed for her future challenges so we added some layers for added volume.

  • Meg had lovely long blonde locks so we ran a mix of tones through her hair to give brighten it up whilst highlighting her facial features.

  • Sam had a lot of hair and wanted a Megan Fox look, which worked wonders. Check out the January issue of Hair magazine to see the final results!

Then the day finished off with a glass of champers for a great team effort…. before heading back to Guildford.

Aaron x