Summertime in Dublin

September 2, 2009

Here is some images of our show in Dublin, Ireland. The team, which consisted of John Carne, Aaron Blondell, Andy Smith and Nikki Sherman were asked back to produce a show for Schwarzkopf, Ireland. The show consisted of two themes. The first was all things Summertime. There were Reggae girls, Ballerinas and Electro Body Popping all in bright, bold colours. The hair was fun and free, with loads of movement and texture. 

The second part was Biosphere. A collection looking at the way light shines on and around rounded, metallic shapes. The clothes were sharp and structured in pewter, silvers and golds. The hair was an eclectic mix of smooth, textured and some avant garde styles which defied gravity with some interesting, exaggerated shapes. 
Fun was had by all, both the team and audience. Charlotte at Rudeye choreographed the whole routine and produced a flawless show. 
Well done guys. 

Here is the amazing collection of men’s hair styles by Nigel Harvey which was shoot by Aaron Blondell. The collection has been entered into the prestigious Schwarzkopf British Hairdressing Awards Men’s catagory and is the first big competition that Nigel has entered ”I’m so proud of my collection. They show cool men’s hair styles and the overall look of the shots are masculine but also very stylish.” We wish Nigel the best of luck, and if these shots are anything to go by, he’s going to go far in this industry. 

Nikki Sherman, Rochelle Knight, Billie Davies and Aaron Blondell dragged their session bags to The Mint Leaf in Bank, London to style the hair for the Lingerie Collective Fashion Show. 
The clothing was seductive and sexy, chic. So after discussing the looks with the designer, the team decided to produce big, worn waves with a playful destressed texture to compliment the total look. It was fasted paced and tense once the girls took to the runway, with items of clothing and brushes being flung everywhere, but the night was a huge success. Billie Davies said of the show ”This is the first time I’ve worked on a Fashion show, so it was a real learning experience. I had a great time and I think the girls all looked amazing once they were dressed and had their hair finished. I feel tempted to buy some of the items myself.”

Sunday 31st May was a long a busy day for the John Carne Creative Team. Alexandra Manton, Ellie Talbot, Kerry Smith, Guy Rowels and Aaron Blondell all pulled together and worked very hard to produce Neo-Culture. This collection was inspired by Schwarzkopf Professionals 80’s Dance and Sunday Best Essential Looks 2009 collections. ”I wanted to focus on the youthful, colourful and playful side of what Schwarzkopf produced. I loved the bold, fun styling. It was a great day and the team all had a brilliant time creating the strong images.” said Alexandra.

Monday 18th May was an eventful day for Stewart Foreman, a new and keen member of the John Carne Creative Team. 

He was asked by the Fellowship of British Hairdressing to share his knowledge and experience with men’s hairdressing.
The day was held at the Schwarzkopf Ask Academy in London. Stewart was let loose on a demonstration model. He created a cut live in front of the students, giving them tips and advice on how they can influence their own male clientele to try something a little bit more adventurous and giving a brief insight to his career. Starting at a barbers, mastering the skills of professional men’s hair dressing, he then went on to Toni and Guy, but wanted to broaden his horizons by getting involved with seminars and shows, Stewart came and joined the John Carne Team.
In the afternoon, Stewart stuck around to help the students out with their own models. Showing them different techniques and methods to create the perfect gentleman’s hair style. 
”This is the first time I’ve ever educated for the Fellowship of British Hairdressing’s Project X course, and I really enjoyed it. The students were a brilliant group to present to, and I loved how they interacted with me. They were all really eager to learn, so it made my job really easy. It was a pleasure and I hope to be working with them again soon.” says Stewart. 

 Hi Everyone, 

Monday 27th April was a creative and busy day for John Carne and Kevin

Thompson, Manager and Co-Owner of our Wimbledon Village Salon. The two of them, along with the amazing fashion photographer, Colin Roy, collaborated to produce the new John Carne images. Both John and Kevin were supported by of their best Colour Technicians, Alexandra Manton and Ellie Talbot. 

It was an incredibly fast paced day, but come wrap time, the team reviewed the looks that Colin shoot and were really pleased with the work they had all produced. 
Here are some behind the scenes pictures taken from the day, but keep checking back to see the finished images. 

I Want Her Hair!

April 6, 2009

Hi Everyone, 

Here are 2 looks from our Autumn/Winter 2009-10 collection. They are really easy to achieve and wanted to give you some quick tips on how to recreate these looks that were so popular on the runways at London Fashion Week.
Glamour Waves
1. Firstly wash your hair with Schwarzkopf Essensity Light Cleansing Shampoo (R.R.P £9.45). This will get rid of any product build-up that will make the hair look greasy.
2. Apply Schwarzkopf Essensity Styling Juice (R.R.P £9.45) to the roots, mid-lengths and ends. 
3. Dry your hair in sections with a medium-large ceramic round brush. Continue to do this till your hair is completely dry, making sure you lift your roots away from the scalp. This will give your hair loads of bounce and lift.
4. When hair is dry, in random sections and your hair in a centre parting, use some large ceramic heated tongs and start creating your curls.
5. When you have completed tonging your hair, tip your head upside down and spritz your hair with Schwarzkopf Osis Sparkler Gloss (R.R.P £9.45). Give your hair a good shake with your fingers to separate the curls. 
6. Tip your head back up and loosely shake your hair. And hey-presto, beautiful, shiny, glamorous waves fit for a Super-Model. Have Fun. 
Braided Bun
1. Firstly, brush all your hair into a ponytail to where you want your bun to sit.
2. When secured in place with elastic, divide into 2-3 sections. These sections are then braided loosely and secured. 
3. When your braids are ready, with your fingers, gently tug at the braids to free-up a few pieces of hair to come away from the braid. 
4. Then, with Kirby grips, pin your braids in at the base of the ponytail to start creating your bun shape. 
5. When you are happy with how your bun is looking, with your palms flat to your head rub from the bun outwards, so that hairs fall around your hair line for a loose, worn look. 
6. Spritz with Schwarzkopf Osis Session Fix (R.R.P £9.20) to make sure it doesn’t fall out. 
This can be a daring look, especially if you make your bun as big as the one in our picture. If you do opt for the dramatic look, make sure you pair it with some high heels and simple styling. 
Have fun experimenting. 

Schwarzkopf Ireland Show

April 5, 2009

Hi Guys,

Here is a pre-view picture of our show in Ireland. We were kindly invited by Schwarzkopf to produce a Cutting and Colouring seminar, with a bit of Avante Garde for good measure, and present it to 200 Irish hairdressers. It went down a storm and thought we’d give you a sneak peak of the dancers from Rudeye and our Creative Team. 
We will be posting a video of the show soon, so keep checking this space. 

Hi Everyone, 

The Creative Directors, Andy Smith and Aaron Blondell, had a fun start to the week. On Monday 30th March the two of them paid a visit to The Andrew Price Salon in Portsmouth where they debuted their Petrol Collection’s cutting and colouring techniques. The cuts were sharp and elegant with bold, beautiful colour’s enhancing the style’s shape. 
Andy Smith said after the seminar ‘Andrew Price and his salon staff were a fantastic group to present to. They were asking questions and getting really involved. It was clear to see that they were eager to learn and I think they really enjoyed our cut and colour collection. We can’t wait to see them again.’

Hi Everyone. 

Just wanted to keep you posted about the Teams involvement with Fashion Week back in February. Nikki Sherman, Esther Jenkins and Aaron Blondell were asked by The Lingerie Collective posse to style the models to compliment the clothes. Being a couture underwear fashion show, the hair was styled in sexy, sultry waves with that ‘I’ve just got out of bed’ look. All together there were 10 models, but 5 designers…that meant there were 50 outfits all together. It certainly was a long show with brushes, bra’s and dressing assistants flying about all over the place, but it was most certainly an fun experience and the team had a great time afterwards sipping the delicious fruit cocktails that Mint Leaf laid on. All together the event pulled in a huge crowd and everyone was pleased with how the show turned out. We can’t wait till next Season.