Bumbles Salon

April 1, 2010

Hi there,

It’s Andy here, the Art Director. Just wanted to fill you in on my news as I’ve been pretty busy here but also with another salon called Bumbles. They invited us to help them with their customer care so I spent the day with them highlighting how we at John Carne Hairdressing tend to our clients needs. Bumbles booked in 4 clients for me to practise on so that they could see me in action! I had to treat the clients as though they were enjoying the same form of customer care which we aspire to at John Carne Hairdressing in order for Bumbles staff to learn from our salon. Hopefully they all found it really useful….

Anyway, to find out more about me and what I do, please see: http://www.johncarne.co.uk/staff/andysmith

Speak soon,