Alexandra here from Wimbledon, just thought I’d let you all know about my manic day at a wedding shoot for designer Shana Melville. We had a great time on location and the models were a real hoot to work with, plus can you imagine spending all day wearing fabulous frocks – it’s a hard life being a model sometimes?! It was fun styling the models hair and adding various finishing touches such as beautiful vintage rose hair pieces to give the look a slight twist. We spent hours on the shoot trying to get the shots right whilst ensuring the hair worked with the dress as it had to be absolutely perfect to compliment Shana Melville’s wedding dresses.

Every once in a while we get a bride in the salon and we always love the opportunity to style their hair to give a gorgeous glamorous look so the shoot was really nice as it enabled us to be creative and create sensational styles.

Check out the pictures as you’re getting a sneak preview to Shana Melville’s new seasonal wedding dresses, so if you want any more information or to contact her then please visit:

Again, if any of you have any wedding hair queries then do let me know as we’re full of ideas! xxx